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Nick Tucker Pro Model Shoe To Be Released In January 2018

After teasing the interwebs with photos of his new shoe from Diamond Footwear, it seems the offical release will be happening in January of 2018.  The Primitve Skateboards pro teased a photo of his pro-model while also responding to a few comments confirming the shoe’s release.  Prior to the deal with Diamond, we had seen […]

“Getting Out Of The Cold” with REAL’s Davis Torgerson

Interview originally posted on (5-22-17) Hey! How’s it going, man? How’s your day been? What’s going on, man? Not much. Just been hanging out. About to order a pizza for me and my girl. That’s something I can appreciate. I won’t take up too much of your time, homie! Oh, don’t worry, man. We’re […]