An Interview With Krooked’s Sebo Walker

Whether it’s a crazy new no-comply variation, or an incredibly smooth ledge NBD, Sebo Walker’s creativity on a skateboard definitely does not go unnoticed. And, unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve heard his name a lot over the past few years. 

The 27 year old, Oregon native took time out of his schedule to answer a few questions regarding recently turning pro for Krooked Skateboards, the rumored Lakai video, and the status of his van.
Interview by Mike Medina
Feb 2016
First things first, congratulations! You’re pro now! I think everyone in the skateboarding world agrees that it is long overdue. How have things changed for you since reaching the pro ranks?
Thanks so much. It’s an amazing feeling to see my name on a board, and my favorite board company at that. It’s a dream come true for sure I feel very blessed. There hasn’t been any big significant changes. More griptape requests, lots of love from friends, family & skate shops around the world, and a boost of excitement to skate even harder and keep learning new tricks.

Still living in the van??

 My engine blew in the van over a year ago which put me out of the van and back on couches. I ended up getting it fixed thanks to the good people at DLX. The van is over 20 years old and kinda putters around, but I still have it and I still love it.
Nowadays, I have a studio with my girlfriend Elle, which is great. We did long distance for a really long time so we are happy to finally be together in LA.

What’s Mark Gonzales like as a boss? 

Mark is just a bundle of inspiration and excitement. As a “boss” he throws out trick ideas for us and sparks a session on anything with an abstract and unique way of looking at everything. He’s the best.

What’s your best Gonz story?

 Before I was on Krooked I remember seeing him skating down the street in New York yelling at cars and snapping quick ollies and power sliding at people singing and yelling  really loud with excitement and energy. The essence of skateboarding- pure freedom of expression it was amazing.
This past summer you were a part of the Emerica x Lakai “Stay Flared” Tour. What was it like in the van?
That was one of the best tours of my life. The van was mellow, we had a good crew. Lots of games, vitamins, skate talk and more. We all bonded, shared snacks & stories. It was such a great experience. Love all those dudes on that trip!

What was your favorite memory from such a legendary collab tour?

 My favorite memory is when we were all at Palaski. The huge crew of around 35 amazing skateboarders skating a legendary staple East Coast plaza, on Reynolds birthday none the less. Just the simplicity of being at such a great skate spot with such an elite crew of skateboarders. It was unreal.

What was the heaviest trick you saw go down?

 The trick that comes to mind is Raven did a super long ride-on grind. It was insane to see the process and then watch him succeed. Not sure if that footage came out but it was epic so keep an eye out for it!

The Krooked x REAL collab video “Get It Straight, Roll Forever” video just dropped about a week ago. You guys seemed to be having a lot of fun. Can you talk a little about the filming process for the video? (Trips, trick battles, etc..)

Filming on the streets can be a little tricky when you have demos/signing every other day. We all want to be in good shape and strong for the demos, so we have to choose our battles well on the in between days. For the most part, we had really good street sessions, all the guys ripped. Ishod amazed us every day. Everything went smoothly. No huge struggles or long battles. We are stoked on how the video turned out. 
 Speaking of video parts, there is a rumor going around that the Lakai team is currently filming for a full-length. Can you confirm or deny that rumor?  

YEAH DOG! Fully happening. We are in good shape as of right now. We have a really solid base and we are going to film through the summer and polish it. Keep an eye out of it! Lakai or die!

 Will you have a full part? 

I will have a FULL part indeed. It will be my best part ever. Super excited for this Lakai video.

 To wrap things up, what’s next for you in 2016??
Finishing up the krooked video. Working on the Lakai video, sk8rats “pump on this” on the side, and staying healthy and focused.

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