As of May 16th 2016 Kelly Hart is back on Expedition One, and this time with a pro model.

Kelly originally departed from Expedition one in March of 2014. In response to Kelly’s Instagram post from yesterday, May 15th 2016, Expedition posted a photo on Instagram saying “Putting the Hart back in Expedition. #expeditionone”with a photo of Kelly holding an Expedition One board. Kayo Corp as a whole (Expedition’s distributor), and more specifically Expedition One seem to be having tons of problems recently with many team riders leaving the brand.

Last week marked the departure of Joey Pepper, Spencer Hamilton, as well as up and comer Frankie Heck from the Expedition One roster. Joey and Spencer seem to have been the face of this brand, losing them and other team riders was very surprising for many skateboarders to see. Only time will tell what happens over at Kayo Corp and Expedition one, maybe some more surprising announcements in the near future.

Here is Expedition One’s caption to their second post about welcoming Kelly back to the team.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 9.45.49 PM


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