Top 5 Ishod Wair videos on the Internet

Ishod Wair is known not only for being able to skate anything, always having a smile on his face, sweating through multiple shirts, disliking sticky rails (12:34, but also for dropping more footage than arguably any other skateboarder.

5) Ishod Wair’s “Told Ya” Part

This part was released through Thrasher in December of 2015. “Told Ya” is a homie video filmed by James Kilmek, enjoy some raw VX Ishod footage.

4) Quartersnacks: Ishod Wair Since Day One Remix

This is Quartersnacks take on Ishod’s part in REAL Skateboards full length video “Since Day One” featuring Rick Ross.

3) The SB Chronicles Vol.2: Ishod Wair

Ishod in Nike’s 2nd volume of their Chronicles series, many would call this the part that won him Thrasher Magazine’s “Skater of the Year” award in 2013.

2) Ishod’s Hits : Get It Strait, Roll Forever

Ishod down under, in Australia with the REAL & Krooked dudes, killing it as always.

1) Ishod’s Very Wair-y Christmas

This is all of Ishod’s HD footage from the year of 2015, street and park included. This is 18 minutes and 54 seconds of your life that you will enjoy.


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