Shane O’neill wins 2016 Street League Pro Open

After winning Tampa Pro a couple months ago, Shane O’neill has now won the first stop of the 2016 Street League World Tour. Shane has killed it over the years in Street League, so this win doesn’t come as too big of a surprise.

The man to beat was last years winner at the Street League Pro Open, Nyjah Huston. Nyjah skated great this year as well but fell just short of first place, ending up in second place overall. Shane seemed to set himself apart when he scored a 9.2 on a switch bigspin flip to switch front board down the handrail in the best trick section. This is a trick that no one else in Street League is doing, and definitely not down the handrail. It will be fun to watch the rest of the season to see if Shane’s dominance continues.

Shane holding the first place trophy via @sls on Instagram.

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 8.39.50 PM.png



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