Catching up with Aaron Herrington

Aaron Herrington is a  26 year old pro skateboarder from Corvallis Oregon. His sponsors include Polar Skate Co., Converse CONS, Carhartt, Independent trucks, Bones bearings, and Bronze 56K.

Aaron was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions regarding the Polar video, Tampa Pro, Street League, and Converse.

Enjoy the interview!

  • First of all, congrats on being apart of the new Polar video that just dropped, I’m definitely looking forward to watching that. Can you talk about what the filming process was like?

The filming process was interesting. I had been focused on filming for my Static 4 part for sometime and I always knew the Polar video was a project that at some point I had to start focusing on also and possibly would have to focus on them both at the same time. But I sort of blew it and just kept filming tricks in whichever camera format was accessible that day. So when it came down to about 3-4 months before the deadline, I realized that I didn’t have much left over VX footage from the Static video as I thought I would and I was sitting on a lot of unused HD footage for a video that is 90% VX. So then I had to go out specifically with my friend who hardly uses a VX anymore and go out and film specific lines and single tricks I thought would look best with the VX. So that’s why my part may seem a little all over the place as far as cropping and colors and what have you. All in all, Amazing project to have been able to be apart of.

  • What is it like working with Pontus? Is he someone you have looked up to since you were a kid?

Working with Pontus is great. It can also be a little bit of a head ache at times, but it only comes from the best place. He knows your potential on a skateboard and what you are capable of doing, so he may be jokingly harsh just to push you a little more.  I looked up to your usual guys when I was a kid. I was big SHORTYS kid. I loved Chad Muska, Steve Olson and Smolik. I remember the day when I saw his slam in the Intro to 411 European video and I always sort of associated that slam with who he was and how he carried himself in the moment. When Pontus started making his independent videos is when I really became a fan. Then he started Polar and put out the first promo and I was blown away.

  • In 2014 you won the TWS Rookie of the Year, did that get you hyped to release more footage the next year? 

Yes absolutely. But I’m also a heavy believer in not putting out too much footage. After the Static release I wanted to make a B-sides edit and release a little YouTube part but I refrained because I didn’t want to put out too much content and then people think I’m wack or something because its B-sides and not the “real” part and all that internet crap. But the only reason I am critical of that is because I’ve had skaters that I thought were super rad and then 11 parts in one year come out and you just stop caring about them because they’re always in your face. I believe less is more in almost every situation. So now, I want to just focus strongly on the future video projects that I’m  apart of so I release something I am stoked about and feel strongly about.

  • After turning pro for Polar in 2014 you entered Tampa Pro in 2015 and returned to Tampa this year, do you enjoy skating contests?

I don’t enjoy the competitive side of skate contests, but Tampa pro is like a reunion of old friends and new ones.  You go for a skate contest but you go to see your industry buddies and your teammates and friends. The DIME Glory Challenge is a perfect example of how every skate contest should be. Fun, not ultra competitive.

  • Now that Tampa pro is connected with Street League, everyone that skates Tampa could potentially be in street league, is that something you would like to skate in?

I honestly have no idea because I have never been in that kind of competitive atmosphere or environment. Shit you get like $10-12k for Last place? Doesn’t sound to bad for a few months to make some smart financial decisions later in life. And I’m sure that’s why they all do it. I don’t have to try and prove to people that I’m the best skater out because I’m not haha.

  • To get back to street skating, what is it about NYC that you love? 

I love everything that NYC has to offer. If you wanted to you could do just about anything at anytime. But I personally just like how large the city and its surrounding Boroughs are. I enjoy the history behind so much of NYC. There is endless potential for skateboarding and you could easily keep finding spots almost any time you go out and skate. The city is constantly changing, Manhattan is constantly changing. A lot of skateboarders who are working on a project or filming something, they don’t tend to go north of 14th or 34th street for whatever reason and there’s so much area to cover. Brooklyn is massive, when you start going south and east, going towards the Ocean or Brownsville or actual East NewYork you start to realize how massive it is compared to neighborhoods people hang out in like Williamsburg.

  • Who are a few east coast skateboarders that you enjoy watching? 

All the legends of course are always great to watch. Anthony Pappolardo. Bobby Puleo. Gio Moya. Jahmal Williams.

Billy Rohan. Jake Rupp. Jason Dill. Josh Kalis. Stevie Willliams. The list is huge. Jake Johnson.

As of lately, Dick Rizzo. Josh Wilson. Max Palmer. Cyrus Bennett. Andrew Wilson. Brendan Carroll.

Dustin Eggeling. Jordan Trahan. Etc. Etc. Etc. It goes on for ever.

  • The Cons One Star Tour video turned out to have a ton of footage from lots of different team riders, how was it traveling with the whole team? 

It’s great, I think we have one of the best teams as far as personality diversity and actual skating. I enjoy traveling in smaller groups because it makes things easier and you can usually just skate around and not use a van. But when we’re all together its great!

  • Lastly, do you have a color way or signature shoe in the works over at Converse?

I have a White Canvas colorway for the Cons Sumner coming out very soon. Also I’m hoping to get this ball rolling with Cons Slip Ons and hopefully will be blessed with another Colorway in that shoe model.


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