Top 5 Trevor Colden Video Parts

The photo used above is courtesy of The Boardr (

Trevor Colden has quickly become one of the most productive professional skateboarders. From posting Instagram edits, to park footage and interviews online, as well as full length video parts, Trevor seems to always be working on something.

5. “Trevor Colden Lemonade Part 2009”

This is an oldie but a goodie, this was mostly filmed when Trevor was around the age of 15 and living in Virginia, it’s crazy to see how his style has grown since then!


4. “Trevor Colden for Skate Mental”

Back in 2014 when Trevor Colden was officially added to the Skate Mental roster he has some heavy footage to come with it.


3. “Stone Colden”

This part is what introduced Trevor Colden to tons of skateboarders around the world, and really gave him the respect that he has now in the skateboarding world.


2. “Trevor Colden | PUSH”

Being apart of The Berrics documentary style series this not only gives a back story to Trevor’s success, but it also brought a new video part, beginning at the 8:59 minute mark to be exact.


1. “Nike SB Chronicles, Vol. 3. | Trevor Colden”

Releasing at the end of 2015 was Nike’s third installment of the Chronicles series, which includes a banger-heavy video part from Trevor Colden



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