Davis Torgerson on “Naptime”, SLS, and Robbie Brockel

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 Recently we were able to catchup with Real Skateboards pro Davis Torgerson to find out what he as been up to since his foot injury last year, including “Naptime”, skating in Street League, and his good friend and teammate Robie Brockel. Enjoy!


Just a few weeks ago REAL Skateboards released “Naptime”, a video that you filmed and edited, can you talk about the process of making that video? 

I basically was just poaching all of Tim Fulton’s [DLX filmer] angles when they were filming that Through and Through video.  And say Jack was filming a trick with Tim, I’d try convincing Robbie to film something over there with me and my VX.


It sounds like the main reason you started filming this video is because of your unfortunate foot injury. If you didn’t get hurt, do you think this video would’ve happened?

That’s a good question. Maybe not to the extent it was. I still probably would have bought a VX cause I was going to be doing that TWS video regardless.  But I hopefully would have been to busy being on the other side of the lens to get as much footage as I did.


How much did your injury effect you while working on the Transworld video “Substance”?

Well instead of being able to start filming in January 2015 I wasn’t able to start until June 2015.  And the deadline for footage was sometime in December 2015.  So my period was cut in half because of it.  I actually broke a rib in July as well, which put me out a solid 6 weeks that summer.  So all in all I probably only had maybe 5 months to film that part.  Kind of a lot of excuses, but given that short period I was pretty psyched I was able to have a part.  There were some dark times dealing with those injuries in the midst of trying to film a Transworld part.


You have been skating in Street League for a few years now, do you enjoy skating those contests?

I think they’re fun.  Of course it’s a contest and you get nervous, but you show up and skate for 2 days with a bunch of your friends.  What’s not to like?  Maybe if I was more of a serious contender to win, I’d have more anxiety about it.  I would probably put a lot more stock in it.  But I just try to go and have fun.  Hopefully make light of it.  That being said when it’s my time to skate I’m shitting my pants (laughs).


What do you think of the new additions to street league this year? (Chris Joslin, Kyle Walker, Miles Silvas, and Kevin Bradley)

I mean it’s 2016 and it’s skateboarding, everyone is fucked up.  Those dudes are so damn good. I’d say any one of those guys could do really well.  It’s nice to have new guys like Kevin and Kyle skating in a contest like that.  It’s a breath of fresh air after watching a million crook nollie flips to see someone skate differently.


If you could add someone to skate in SLS who would it be? 

Dennis Busenitz


Why Dennis?

Because he’s the best.


You and Robbie Brockel seem to have a good relationship. Did that originate from REAL trips? 

Definitely had to have been going on trips together.  Now he lives in LA so we skate all the time.  We also jock out about sports n’ shit.


Were you at all apart of Robbie’s going Pro surprise that took place at PHX AM earlier this year? 

Yep I was there, or at least tried to be there (laughs).  We were sitting in the parking lot for an hour waiting for his turn to skate, and finally when we got the word he was about to go it was too late and everyone had already rushed him!  But even so I was able to see when he saw his mom surprise him and that made it all worth it.


Now that you’re healthy, are you working on any video projects at the moment? 

There’s nothing set in stone as of right now, just been trying to compile footage and see where that goes.  I’m probably skating an equal amount with the DC dudes as much as I am with the Real guys.  Hopefully some of the stuff will trickle out on the internet in the next few months, to be forgotten about the next day…



Looking forward to seeing that footage whether it’s released through DC or REAL, thank you for your time Davis! 



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