Palace “V Nice”

Whether you skateboard, or follow street wear fashion, you’ve definitely heard of Palace Skateboards.

This morning (8/3),Palace Dropped their new video entitled “V Nice” and it definitely is not your normal skate video, but is very entertaining none the less. 

Palace riders Lucien Clarke, Danny Brady, Blondey McCoy, Chewy Cannon, Jamal Smith, Karim Bakhtaoui, and Rory Milanes all had very unique parts, but their skating isn’t the only thing different about this video. The entire video was shot with a Hi-8 camera and most of the soundtrack was 80-90’s discotheque music, excluding 2 songs that were more of a rap genre.
Overall this video was very good and the way it was put together goes extremely well with the Palace team and their skating.

Watch the video HERE!

Stay tuned to United skateboarding for any updates!


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