An Interview with Primitive’s Diego Najera

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Recently, United Skateboarding was able to sit down with Primitive Skateboards amateur Diego Najera while the team was in Minnesota skating Familia Skatepark.  

Check out the interview below to learn a little bit about his experience at BATB9, a recent Primitive trip north of the border, and what he has coming up next! 


Congrats on winning Battle at The Berrics 9! Can you describe the experience, nervous? 

For doing it for as long as I have the nerves have gone away.  I have a very strong mindset and can block everything out and focus on what I’m doing and what I need to get done.  I try to make the trick as easy as I can in my head.  In reality the mindset is the strong part of life.  Which ever way-its all mental.  I go into things strong minded as a personal preference.

 In the final round you were rockin’ a Biggie shirt and Micky was reppin Tupac, has anyone brought up the fact that you guys were repping rivals in that final round?

That’s funny, no one has every really brought it up other than the people I was with.  I myself caught it-he was wearing a Tupac shirt, and I was wearing a Biggie Shirt.  Personally I’m a bigger fan of Biggie.  I liked a lot of Notorious’ music when I was growing up.  

 What are your thoughts on that crazy looking BATB trophy?  Where do you keep it now?

I mean, it is kind of a different looking trophy.  But I really like it!  I’m very artistic and appreciate things that aren’t what you typically see like the BATB trophy.  I always have art supplies with me on trips, and I really just enjoy drawing and creating things!  

 What is your board set up like? What size board do you ride? 

8.25 Primitve deck, Thunder Trucks, Grizzly Griptape, and Primitive bearings.

 Just got done reading the Sidewalk article about your guys trip to the UK. Have you been to the UK before?

This was my first time.

 When I was reading the article, a lot of the slang they used was a little hard to understand, did you guys have any problems keeping up? Where you ever like “What the fuck are you talking about?”

They did a great job explaining to us what they were saying, they were pretty on point with descriptions, but they maybe used a little less detail when they were explaining things to us. 

 They talked about how the street spots there were incredibly rough compared to what you guys are used to here in the states. Can you describe what it’s like skating some of those places?

They had tons of cracks and lots of rocks everywhere we went to skate.  We never had problems with people wanting to kick us out of spots, but we had trouble running into people.  There were just so many people there.

 Did a lot of people recognize and know who you were when they saw you out skating?

Not a lot, but a good handful of people knew who we were.  Being across the world, even six or seven people recognizing you is a lot.

 I know you guys have been out filming like crazy. When is the Primitive video going to drop? 

I’m not sure, it should be soon.

 Are you psyched about what tricks you were able to get, and having people see it?

Super psyched, I’m always psyched like the end of footage being presented for the final cut, everything being shown at the end.  We recently went on a filming trip to Canada.

Oh yeah! You flew in for BATB and then had to fly out to Vancouver right away right? 

Yeah, that one was crazy!  And that video just came out. I think the UK video will be dropping soon after that, within a couple of weeks.

 Are you excited for that Primitive Canada video to drop?

Oh my gosh yes!  I loved that trip!  It was so much fun.  They have amazing places to skate around Canada and the people and fans that came out to watch us skate were so cool!  I can’t wait for people to see that one!

 You’ve been a familiar face on The Berrics as of late. What video projects have you done with them??

I’ve done BATB,  I’m doing Gram Your Selfie now. I’ve done Bangin, Trickipedia, but haven’t done Run and Gun…

 Out of the ones you have done, what was your favorite?

My Bangin, growing up I used to watch a lot of the Berrics, I’ve always watched Bangin and thought, “Damn, thatd be tight-filming a  perfect part in the most perfect skate park.” Chase Gabor filmed my part for me.

 Is there one part in your Bangin that you were most hyped about?

I was really hyped about the line I did over the trash can.  It was a bump over the trashcan, a switch bump, a switch bump tre over the trashcan.  That was really tight because of the way it was filmed by Chase, and the way I did it.  The whole vibe of it.

 I was watching you skate over the bump here at Familia. Mentally, what do you have to do to get a trick?

You know, I have probably done almost every trick there is to do in skateboarding.  I know I’m capable of almost any trick if I continue to try.  I get frustrated, I get really frustrated, but for me I just have to keep mentally telling myself that I can do it.  I know that eventually I will land the trick and it will feel great, so that keeps me going.

 Do you think that skating is more of a physical challenge, or a mental challenge?

Like I said before, I’ve learned so many tricks in skateboarding, my body knows what to do.  I’ve trained it to do what it needs to do to get and land the tricks.  It’s for sure more mental at this point.  But I don’t let it get to me.  I don’t let the doubts get into my mind.  If I do have to stop trying a trick, its usually my surroundings that force me to stop-like a security guard.  I’ll be skating a spot and a security guard comes out and tells us we need to leave.  They are usually cool and let me try a couple more times and then I have to go.  If I haven’t landed the trick, I’ll for sure get up early the next day if I need to and head out to that spot again.  And I’ll keep doing that until I get it.  I don’t give up mentally ever.

 Finally, Your guys Snap Chat had you doing some jump roping in LAX last night!  Can you tell me what that’s all about?!

Ah yeah!  Jump roping has kind of become our team thing to do!  Jump roping is  an awesome way to get warmed up in skateboarding!  You may think that’s funny, but it gets your heart pumping, your legs warmed up, and your feet ready to go too!  We always have a jump rope with us.  You know its kinda like skating, one person does some jump roping trick and someone else thinks they need to do something better!  It’s fun!  We have a great time with it!  You should take some time soon to jump rope!

 Thanks so much for the time Diego! This was my first interview and I’m stoked it was with you! I really appreciate your willingness to chat with me!

It’s fine!  You needed to start somewhere, we all do!  Next thing you know, you’ll find yourself  learning all kinds of new things here and there!  We all do!  I still do!  Hey, just be like, to me,  no matter what anyone says to me I never let anything get to me, because at the end of the day, I do this for myself, you know?  For you, just laugh about  anything people say, tell them to continue on doing what they’re doing and I’ll keep doing what I’m doing.



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