Plan B Am and Red Dragon- Scott Decenzo

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United Skateboarding got to check in with Scott Decenzo after a 2nd place win at the Jackalope Festival in Montreal!  He shares about growing up a RD, being Ryan’s “little brother,” and skating in the Dime Glory Challenge.


You have such a huge following of people who insist you should be pro already!  What do you say to people who are constantly questioning Plan B for not making you pro yet?!

I just always think that everything takes time. I’m just out here having fun skating and taking it day by day.

What does it mean to you to be a Red Dragon?  Can you describe the history behind being a part of the RDs? Does coming from Canada make you appreciate it more?

I grew up in Vancouver and was around a lot of the original Red Dragon guys. I skated the RDs indoor park often growing up and at the time I got to know the crew really well. It felt natural to start out riding for the brand.

So I went back a few years to your VAMdalism video.  You established yourself as a pretty tech rail and ledge guy starting out in that video!  I would say your newest Enter the RD part follows suit with that also!  Do you have a definition for your style of skating?

I guess I don’t really have a definition. I like just going out and skating whatever, and challenging myself to skate everything, not just one kind of skating. If my homies are having a good sesh I usually try to join, no matter what the spot is.

I love watching Ryan’s Snap Chats of your guys tiny backyard skate set up!  How did that come together?  Is it all OC Ramp stuff?

Ryan had the idea when he bought the house to put a ledge in the backyard. Some friends helped do the concrete work for us and OC Ramps gave a few obstacles for us to skate back there too.

How did you guys come up with the design for a space that small?  

The backyard was kind of a perfect layout already, we didn’t really need to make too many modifications to it, things just fit together back there naturally.

Do you prefer being out on the streets skating over skating back there? Or vice versa?!

I prefer the streets because it’s always new and exciting and there is a variety of things to skate.

Can you share one of your favorite times skating with the OG Plan B crew?  A lot of  those original guys are still there, but can you think of a time that was amazing with Paul around?

Skating with the OG Plan B crew was rad. Going on trips with them was always fun. I remember thinking how crazy it was to be a part of that amazing crew when I first got on. Sessioning with those guys everyday was crazy! I was so stoked and we got to eat at all these fancy restaurants all of the time. There isn’t one time with Paul that sticks out in my mind though.

You were one of the lucky guys chosen to participate in The Dime Glory Challenge this year!  This competition is a little non traditional. Can you tell me about what it was like to skate in it?

It was organized chaos honestly. It was so unpredictable, which made it super fun! It was an epic group of people to be a part of and it was awesome to see them all come together and just have fun skating.

Did you have to prepare for it at all since it’s more of a “for fun” competition?!

Actually, I was warming up before the contest started and accidentally broke my board.   I had to set up a friend’s old board to skate on instead, and while I was setting it up I remember thinking, “Shit! I’m gonna miss practice!” But, then I realized not to stress out about it because there was no need for practice for this contest-it was all for fun!

What was your favorite event at The Glory Challenge?  

I really enjoyed the high speed flat ground challenge. My friend and I used to do something just like it a long time ago. Also, that challenge was the first so everybody was going all out which made it fun to watch and participate in.

You just got second at Jackalope Fest this weekend!  Congrats!  That competition isn’t covered much in the states.  Can you describe the format of the competition?

The format for the competition was pretty classic.   The event itself was awesome though! It included a lot of other events like rock climbing, base jumping and cycling so it made for a great contest.

Finally, looking through so many of your old interviews… people are constantly asking you about Ryan… are you glad I didn’t?!  Is it every annoying to be his “little brother?”

Nah, never. I really love being his brother. He is the best brother and it’s never annoying to be his little brother, or have people ask me questions about him.

Thanks so much for the time Scott! 

You’re welcome!  It’s my pleasure!



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