What’s Bombaklats?

Bombaklats as defined by Urban Dictionary is a “butt cloth.”  In the skateboarding world, it’s a group of really rad skaters  who are releasing a full length video set all over Europe.

European skater of the year, and newest 1-8 AntiHero Pro Daan Van Der Linden has a full part in the video that is worth taking two minutes and 31 seconds out of your lunch break to watch…or even waking up two minutes and 31 seconds earlier to watch.  Just do it, okay.

We only get one minute and 27 seconds of Nike Sb Am Dylan Witkin, but hey it’s quality over quantity right?

Sebastiaan Vijverberg has an ender worthy part.  If you’re getting up early to watch this one, make sure you have a cup of coffee or energy drink in hand because this part will have you psyched to skate.

So in total, make sure you carve out at least seven minutes and 28 seconds to watch these three amazing parts.  But, if you want to watch the whole video, you can check out all of the parts on http://www.freeskatemag.com/  Actually, you may just want to call in sick…


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