The Majerus Interview

Photo via The Berrics

Minnesota’s own Alec Majerus has been hard to catch up with over the last year and a half.  He traveled the world for his Away Days part, and put in a ton of time with his Volcom homies for Holy Stokes.  United Skateboarding was able to get a few minutes from  Alec and find out what he’s been doing with his free time, and how  being a skateboarder from Minnesota defines who he is.

Hey Alec! It’s been a crazy year and half for you! You’ve been literally all over the world. I know you’ve spent quite a bit of time in Minnesota this summer. Where are you at right now and are you working on anything?

I’m in Long Beach just south of LA.  I have a house here and I’m just chillin right now.  I was at The Berrics yesterday filming a new Bangin part for the website.  I’m psyched about that.  Whenever I’m filming for parts like that I really try to push myself.  I want to do all new stuff that I haven’t done before.  I want to be impressed with myself.

You are the definition of the saying “Minnesota Nice.”  From what I understand, you at one point were housing all of your homies from high school in your house?  

(Laughing)  Yeah, when I first bought this house there were ten of us living here.  It was mostly my friends from Rochester.  We all skate or film, so we would just all go out together and skate and film.  One of my friends who films actually did my X Games Real Street part for me.  Another one of my friends did the photography for that part too.

Now we actually have all kind of split into smaller groups and have our own places, but I do still have a roommate who lives with me in the house.  It’s funny though, when I first moved out here, I had just a small studio apartment, and there were six of us staying in it.

That’s not legal is it?! 

(Laughing) Nahhh, we ended up getting kicked out actually.

You head back to Minnesota quite a bit, and from what you shared, you’re constantly around your friends from Minnesota, why is it so important for you to maintain that connection with where you grew up?

Minnesota always will and still does feel like home to me.  It’s just a different life there.  It’s so much more relaxing, people are standing in lines all of the time, people are sitting in traffic all of the time, and they’re grumpy here in California, it’s just so different.  All of my family is still in Minnesota also, and I’m close with my family, so that makes traveling back there nice as well.   My hometown park in Rochester will always be my favorite to skate also.  I’m doing some fundraising and helping out with expanding it now.  I see myself moving back and getting a house there eventually.  Right now my sponsors want me out here, so this is where I’m at.

There are so many amazing amateur and pro skaters coming out of Minnesota right now-Davis Torgerson, Tom Rohrer, Corey Millett, Jack Olson, the list literally goes on and on.  What do you think is the explanation for that? 

Yeah, I grew up skating with Jack at Third Lair, we are still close, and used to stay together when he would travel out here.  You know though, people think because it snows so much and gets so cold in Minnesota that our time during the year to skate is short.  That’s not true though, I mean it gets so cold and the winters are so long that you really don’t have anything else to do but hang out at the indoor park.  And when you’re there, you’re constantly skating and learning new tricks.  The weather pushed us inside and we just skated all of the time.

Away Days and Holy Stokes have been out for awhile now, but there are still so many epic parts being talked about daily. Did you have a favorite part in either of the videos?

Silas’s part in Away Days was my favorite.  His style of skating is just so fun to watch.

Will you be heading out on the second half of the Away Days Tour at all?  

Yeah in September I’ll fly out to the east coast and travel with the team on those stops.  It should be fun.  Hanging out in the van with those guys is fun.

What are your thoughts on your two parts?  Can you compare them for us?  Did you like how one turned out more than the other?

Yeah, they were both very different in their locations.  For Away Days we didn’t film at all in the United States, Adidas had us all over the world so that was cool traveling and finding spots all over the place.  It was fun not to be in the same local spots.

The Volcom trip was so fun though too.  Those guys are some of my closest friends and we have fun together.  We stayed more local for Holy Stokes.  A lot of the guys on that team really like to rip on big rails, and kill it on gnarly stuff.  So shooting and skating for each of the parts was different.  But, Louie Lopez is one of my best friends and I got to skate and hang out with him a lot during filming for Holy Stokes so that made it a little more fun.

How did you get hooked up with the Flip team?

Louie was the hook up for me getting on Flip.  We met a few years back at Tampa Am and through both being on Volcom.  Then when I’d come out to California to skate, I would stay at his place.  We both did online school for high school.  It’s funny, we would both be up at 2am doing our online school work.  We would go get Starbucks and just stay up all night at our computers typing and doing school stuff.  Louie just graduated actually (laughing) It took him forever. He’s 22!

But yeah, Louie was skating for Flip so it just kind of happened by being around him all of the time.  When I turned pro it was kind of funny, they told me that I was going to be doing an interview.  So, I was just chilling at our TM’s house that day, they told me to head out to the van. When I started walking out to the van they were filming me, I thought that was really weird, that they were filming me.  Then I was like, “Duh.”  I knew exactly what was going to happen.  The door opened to the van and all the homies came out and congratulated me.

Thoughts on skateboarding in the Olympics?

I don’t really have any thoughts about it.  I think it’s going to be just like Street League though, and you’re going to see the Street League guys skating it.  I mean we still have no idea what it’s going to look like or how it’s going down, so I just don’t really feel like I can have an opinion about it.  I would for sure skate in the Olympics though if I was asked.  That’d be cool.

So you’ve turned 21 now, and you’re kind of newly single?  Have these life events changed your skating at all?

(Laughing)  Yeah, ya know I had been with my girl for quite a while.  She moved out here to be with me, but we were always fighting when I was on trips.  She was just lonely you know?  But it’s so nice now to be able to go out and skate, and go on trips, and not have to worry about her.  I can just have fun now, I don’t have to constantly be on my cell phone, and I don’t have to worry about another person.  I can just worry about myself which is nice.

As far as since turning 21.  Ha ha, my mom made me make a deal that I wouldn’t drink for the next month.  I was traveling and partying quite a bit since turning 21, and since I’m single now I can go out to bars with my friends.  I guess I think my mom thinks I’ve gone a little crazy.

I think I’ve noticed a change in your image a bit actually… you used to appear to be a pretty clean cut guy, and that seems to have changed a little bit in the last six to eight months.

(Laughing)  It’s my hair isn’t it?  My hair is getting long.  There’s a girl I’m kind of talking to right now, and she said she’d like me to grow it out.  But honestly, my ex did hair, so I’d just always have her cut it for me.  Now that we aren’t together, I don’t have anyone to cut it for me.  Honestly, I’m just too lazy to go out and find someone to do it.  I like it longer though.  I think I may keep growing it out until it drives me crazy.  My mom can’t stand it.  She keeps sending me pictures of Zach Effron to hint at how I should get it cut.  I don’t want to look like Zach Effron!

Do you have a favorite LA skate spot or park??

I like to skate the Volcom park.  I like that it’s private and I can just hang out with my friends and cruise around.  I don’t mind going to the public parks, but sometimes I just feel like people are watching me and expecting something out of me.  Or also, if I don’t land a trick or something, everyone is watching me and I just don’t always like that feeling.  It’s  more comfortable for me to skate the Volcom park.

Alright almost done.  But I’m curious what your top 5 playlist songs are right now.

Oh, good question, I’m going to give you a variety.  Oh wait, are we talking about just while I’m skating or all the time, like if I’m just chilling or driving around?

Um.  Let’s go with skating.

Okay, Young Thug-Hercules, Kodak Black-Already, Drake-Child’s Play, A$AP Rocky-LSD, and Schoolboy Q-That Part.

What about variety?

I’m really into Lana Del Rey right now.  I don’t skate to it, I just listen to it when I’m chilling.  Her voice is so amazing, and it’s just chill music to listen to you know?

I love LDR actually, so yeah I know, and I for sure agree!  Hey Alec- thanks so much for the interview, even if it was in the middle of the night for me! I appreciate your time!

No problem, I was glad it worked out.  Any time you need something, let me know!


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