ICYMI: Street League New Jersey

Photo via http://www.streetleague.com

Leading into Super Crown, some of the best in the industry headed out to Jersey this weekend to participate in SLS’s New Jersey stop.  The course featured a 12 set, some great looking handrails, and a good amount of ledges.  There was something for everyone.

After four prelim heats that were owned by Evan Smith’s ridiculous runs which included a tre off the quarter pipe, the top eight moving into finals were Smith, Huston, Joslin, Rodriguez, Fynn, Cole, Ribeiro, and Oliveira.

Taking a step back to the prelims-it’s necessary to highlight some of the ridiculous skating that went down.  In heat one we saw a  steezy fs 360 ollie down the eight stair from Ryan Decenzo.  We also got to see Kelvin Hoefler return from his Tampa injury.  In heat two Ishod killed it, doing what Ishod does best-everything.  Heat three brought us a round full of difficult nollie and switch tricks-switch frontside feeble down the round rail, switch heel flip, and a nollie back 180 switch back smith down the hubba.  Heat four was nothing short of amazing as well with five out of the six guys making it to finals.  You can watch a replay of the finals at SLS Prelims Replay

In the finals, Huston had some heavy runs with scores in the high eights.  The judges and announcers were impressed, but the crowd didn’t seem to be.  During and after his runs the stadium was silent.  His final run was nine club worthy, which is nothing new to him.  Joslin impressed with a hard flip revert off the 12 stair.  There were solid runs from the rest of the top 8 as well.  But it all came down to Nyjah and his kickflip back lipslide on the kinked rail for the win.  The final three were 3rd-Tommy Fynn, 2nd-Chris Joslin, and 1st-Nyjah Huston.

Some may argue that the highlight of the day was Tiago’s switch back tail bigspin in the Diamond Best Trick.  He took home $5,000 for that one!









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