Call Me 917 x Nike SB

Alex Olson may not have made it past the 9th grade in school, but he’s proving he may have one of the most genius minds in the skateboarding industry.  

Over two years ago, a mysterious company tied solely to Olson surfaced.  Not much was known about it, other than it was far from your typical “dragon smoking from a bong or something”  type board graphics.  Few boards were made for sale, but the people who were lucky enough to cop one were also given a poster with a disco diva pictured and the text-“Call me! 917-692-2706 ❤ Bianca Chandon.”  Baffled, people called the number and wondered what the connection was to the company.  In the end, this was the genius way to announce what the name of Olson’s new company was-Bianca Chandon.

BC took off among the hipsters who could afford a $75 t-shirt and a $110 sweatshirt.  And for those who couldn’t afford it, they considered selling personal belongings to get the money.  Along comes Call me 917, the more “affordable” brainchild of Olson.

In 2014, during an interview with Transworld Skateboarding, Olson speaks on the fact that there are two sides to skateboarding-“the side that wants it to be a lucrative sport, and the side that really embodies the essence of what skating is and where it truly came from.”  He also agrees with the statement of “Being cool matters more than being good.”  What better way to be cool in the industry (according to mainstream culture) than collaborating with Nike?  On September 17th or 9/17 (brilliant right?)  917 will be dropping a short video shot around the Northeast, and also a collaboration with Nike.

The video will feature skating from Aaron Loreth, Cyrus Bennett, Nik Stain, Max Palmer, and Olson.  Two short Instagram clips have been dropped on the Call Me 917 account showing a little of what the video will have to offer.  Olson has an interview in the newest Thrasher which can be found on the Slap message boards also.  In the interview Olson talks about how he manages the team, the company, and being “the guy with the company card.”  You can find a scan of the interview here:  Thrasher Interview

The hype behind the 917 x Nike collab shoe is huge.  The shoe has been shown in two colors-all navy, and all white.  They’ve also teased an all white snap back and a polo shirt.  Who knows what else Olson has up his sleeve.  We’ve got three more days until we find out.




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