#FiveFactFriday #ICYMI

FACT- Skateboards are still the coolest thing with four wheels

FACT-Things are changing and people are moving around in the world of skateboarding

We’ve gotchu #ICYMI #FivefactFriday

  • I really want every fact to be about Jarne Verbruggen’s “Never Skatebored” part, but that may be a little boring.  But if you haven’t seen it yet, you need to head to Thrasher and check it out.  Never Skatebored  This guy is killing it at huge spots, and the entertainment factor in the video is fire.  We hadn’t hear of Jarne before this, but he may have our SOTY vote now.  I ❤ Big Booty.
  • J Scott Handsdown is getting to see some payoff for all of the #dreamchasing he’s been doing.  The Berrics featured a short documentary on him this week along with a tshirt and sweatshirt with a J Scott logo for sale in The Canteen.  If you’re not inspired to be a harder worker, or better skater…husband…or wife after watching the video, something is wrong with you.
  • Paul Hart turned pro for Cliche, and we’re beyond psyched.  Paul goes… he goes hard at all of our favorite spots…  His part premiered to a standing room only crowd at BLACK in Hollywood on Thursday night.  The crowd of guys he had there supporting him was epic-Team Burrito, Robbie Brockel, Matt Berger, and Felipe Gustavo to name a few.   The part will be on Thrasher this coming Monday.  Wake up extra early to check it before you go to work, or school.
  • The Berrics teased us earlier today with a photo eluding to  Micky Papa turning pro for Blind.  While this isn’t a huge surprise, because he skated in SLS competitions this year, people seem to be pretty hyped about it.  We aren’t sure how it’s going to go down, or what the announcement will look like considering Micky is currently in Japan.  Make sure you peep The Berrics tomorrow to see if there’s a part dropped.
  • Torey Pudwill has been making an amazing life for himself through Grizzly Griptape, but we can’t forget that he is one of the gnarliest skaters around.  TPuds has our attention again, not simply as a businessman, but also as a skater.  This week Grizzly dropped an epic Jimi Hendrix collection along with a commercial to promote it.  In the commercial we get to see TPuds ollie a gap over four stairs to a back tail on a flat rail.  Another thing that has us hyped on him this week too, is the announcement of the return of Ghetto Child wheels, and the epic team of veterans with the addition of TPuds himself!  I’m praying to the skateboarding God that these guys drop some footage soon.

See you next week!!!


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