#FiveFactFriday #ICYMI

FACT- “Life is a lot like skateboarding.” -Lil Wayne

FACT-Things are changing and people are moving around in the world of skateboarding.

We’ve gotchu #FiveFactFriday #ICYMI

  • Antwon Dixon is back in jail.  We all have to admit that there’s something endearing about Twon.  Whether it’s the fact that he’s not afraid to admit his mistakes, or the legendary Baker 3 part that proves how much potential and skill he has, it’s hard not to like the guy even a little.  On Tuesday the IG account RAWDOGRAW released a statement saying that Antwon was back in jail, but not because of any new charges, the jail time is because of a warrant for an incident almost a year ago.  If you wanna show Twon some love-send him some books or an inspirational note, lol.  If you want more info check out the Teflon Twan IG account for his address in jail.
  • Scott Decenzo is off of Plan B!  I can collectively hear all Decenzo fans saying, “It’s about damn time.”  I know I’m not the only one who was beyond annoyed by Plan B’s refusal to turn Scott pro.  Like my grandma always used to say, “Shit or get off the pot.”  Good for you Scott.  Can’t wait to see a pro board debut in your future, who’s betting on it being with a Dwindle Company?
  • Alec…Fucking….Majerus….  If you haven’t watched his Bangin yet, you should be having some serious FOMO.  You need to go watch it.  I’m always a fan of Majerus footage, but this took it to a new level for me.  Tre flip front feeble down a rail… and that’s not even his ender.  Go. Now. Watch.
  • Crailtap is working hard to continue having momentum.  Girl announced this week that they are adding two ams to their roster, the first in five years.  They’ve also been producing quite a bit of footage in the social media world, but we can’t help but notice the absence of some of the Girl team.   No matter the outcome of all of this trash talk around guys leaving Girl, I love the footage they’re putting out!  In the midst of the talk, they’re still having fun on a skateboard!
  • Nick Tucker has pop.  Enough said.  Check out his Instagram, clips are going up daily and they will all make you questions whether he as well could possibly be a robot like Primitive teammate Shane O’Neill.  Robot or not, the footage at Beibel’s park is getting me so psyched to see his PUSH part come out!  The Berrics needs to make these things start happening!

Happy weekend guys!  Fall is upon us, take advantage of the still warm enough to skate outside weather 🙂


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