Thank You… FA?

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Jason Dill is being recognized as a “Renegade” in Playboy’s entertainment series.  Robert Brink interviewed Dill to talk about his resilience, acting career, and his board brand Fucking Awesome.

Brink and Dill beat the dead horse topic of trendiness and the “mainstreaming”  of the skateboarding industry.  Dill’s theory is that companies had become complacent in the mainstream status, but that FA is the reason we are seeing companies trying so hard again to take skating back to it’s roots.  Dill also to expresses that he thinks that companies may even be knocking off FA graphics and style.  He says that this just pushes him to continue stepping up his creative game.

Dill also touches on the fact that he takes pride in calling it quits on his company rather than letting it be taken over by a large distributor if that day ever comes for FA.

If you want to see the whole interview you can read it here Jason Dill Interview


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