Scott Decenzo off of Plan B

Whether he willingly left, or was kicked off of the company, Scott Decenzo’s departure from the board company has sparked a lot of conversation.  People are reacting in a very predictable manner about Decenzo’s departure-Where will he go?  Did he leave?  Was he kicked off?  Will he get his well earned pro status finally?  All to which there are no answers, or even rumors flying.  The obvious choice of a Dwindle company is what makes sense but which one is the most debated topic, and really that’s not even being debated much.  People LIKE Scott, but they aren’t IN LIKE with Scott.

With the lack of concern for Scott not having a board sponsor, people are turning to talking about Plan B as a company and team.  Moral of the story-there isn’t a ton of love for Plan B either.  When was the last time you saw a Plan B board in the wild?  And did they really just poach guys from other companies in hopes of making a “super team that’s never really developed?”  Who knows, but it gives the Slap message board regulars something to debate.

Everything aside, Scott’s a solid skater, something will happen for him somewhere.



  1. Yeah I agree with the in the wild comment. Can’t say I’ve seen anyone on a planb deck lately. Maybe it’s just where I live up here in the NW, Portland area but everyone here is supporting local brands. To be honest this big name skate brand shit is off the map.


    1. Right?! And I agree that guys are continuing to support local brands. If you look around our plaza and parks in my area, you see shop boards, and local brands. I think this is so cool that skaters are kind of going back to their roots, and taking pride in their local scene.


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