Quick Fire with Jon Dickson

Photo via @jradhyphy

Jon Dickson is fire right now, so it’s just fitting that we feature a quick fire interview with him.  United was able to have a quick chat with Dickson on the way to a session with the homie David Reyes.

Favorite skater right now? Eric Winkowski

Favorite guy to skate with? David Reyes

Favorite spot? Scumb Hole in Long Beach

Trick you’re currently working on? Everything, everything is hard these days

Favorite Emerica shoe to wear? Provost-I’ve been wearing them since I started getting shoes, he designed them well.

Full video part or IG clips? Video part

Trump or Clinton? Neither

Your favorite part from MADE 2? Spanky

Will there be a Made Chapter 3?  Yes or No? Yes, Emerica is never going under

Alright, so there were some questions that we really wanted to ask that just couldn’t be answered in one word, and let’s be honest, Dickson is a fun guy to talk to, so enjoy a couple more!

What were your feelings when Fallen went out of business? 

It sucked,  it was a huge bummer.  All of the guys on Fallen they were good friends of mine. I loved riding with Jamie Thomas and skating with all those dudes on Fallen.  It was a solid company you know.  But I guess everything comes to an end at some point.

Did you have a plan right away for a shoe sponsor or were you fine with just chillin for awhile?

I kinda just didn’t worry about it.  I just kept skating as much as possible. I decided to quit drinking and smoking which helped with my skating. I didn’t really want to worry about much else-I stopped thinking about when I’d get another beer, or when I’d get to go smoke my next joint.  I just focused on skating and didn’t let anything really get to me.

Andrew Reynolds has always shared about his decision to get clean.  Did you talk with him at all when you were thinking about making that change?

Yeah, I’ve talk with him about it a lot actually.  He told me about how my body would be so much healthier if I quit, and how partying wasn’t really something that I needed to do.

So how did you end up getting on Emerica?

I’ve known a lot of the guys on Emerica for a long time. I grew up skating with Figgy and Collin. I would go on small missions with those guys quite a bit anyways. John Minor had mentioned one day that maybe I could have a small  part in the video.  There wasn’t anything too special about the official announcement  of being on the team.   We all chilled at Atiba’s house before the video premier and Minor just kind of stood up and just said, “Welcome to the team.” I found out about four months before the video came out that they wanted me to have a part and I started filming for it. People would ask if I was officially on the team. I’d say nah and I was just getting shoes from them. People assumed I was on the team but nothing was confirmed until the night of the premier.

What did it take to get  the kickflip ender on your part?   How long did it take you to get that? How long had you been thinking about that CVS spot?

I had been thinking about it for awhile.  One day I just felt the need to go try it. I hit up Atiba and he was busy,  but he had an like an hour to get it done. We got to CVS and I was taking a screw out of a spot I needed for the roll down. A security guard got pissed at us and called the cops.  So we waited for him to take off and do his rounds.  When he did that then we went across the street to a carwash to wait and just watch for the right time to go back over and try again.  When we knew he was gone for awhile we went back over to try it again.  I ended up getting it in like 5 tries.  We really didn’t have a lot of time to mess around so I knew I had to get it and quickly.

Your part was so gnarly!  People are going crazy about it.  It’s for sure one of the most talked about parts of the year!

SOTY talk is also starting to happen… Do you have an opinion on someone you would like to see get it?

Yeah, hands down I’d say Figgy.  I know he will be a contestant for sure.  He already should have won it, in my books, a few years ago.  There’s really no need to talk about anyone else.  I’m just sayin Figgy.

Aye!  For sure!  His part in MADE 2 was unbelievable!  Thanks so much Jon for the quick chat today!  Have fun out on your sesh with David!  Take it easy!

Yeah!  Right on!  Have a great day!




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