The Credo of Cody Mac, Toothpick God Pt. 1

Photo via Street League

“At the end of the day, we’re all just guys riding a toy…”  Cody McEntire is pretty open with opinions on the flow of the skateboarding industry.  Many may agree, many may not, but at the end of the day opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got one.  If you love the game of skateboarding… Cody may be onto something with his opinions.  Judge for yourself.

Hey Cody!  Thanks so much for your time!  I appreciate it!  

In your last few interviews you talked a lot about the brotherhood of skating and how in some ways it’s moved to “mean girling” each other into cliques. How or what do you think brought the industry to this?

Skateboarding is one of those things that’s full of  diversity which makes it unique. With diversity we don’t need division, someone can have a different style or interpretation of what they’re doing but same end goal.  Trick trends and clothing can get in the way of what we’re all out here trying to do in my opinion.  Maybe my attitude has something to do with the older I’m getting.  I think maybe I can see it a little more because I guess I never used to care much. But at the end of the day we are all just riding a toy.  Let’s be honest we aren’t doing anything too serious like curing diseases.  In reality that’s why some of us love to do it so much, it’s something that you can’t allow yourself to take too seriously.

Wow, I think you bring up some great points that are valid to throw around.  Trick trends and fashion seem to be a huge part of skating today, and they can for sure divide the industry.  The fans drive the industry of skateboarding so much as well, and can greatly influence it.  Has that changed at all from when you were younger?  

I think that the biggest difference from when I grew up skating is that we had these skaters we looked up to so much; for example, Muska was everything.  I would have given anything to get an acknowledgement from him. Now with social media everyone feels like they need to share their opinion and it’s possible to share it and get views and attention from it. I think that this has caused is a lack of common sense and personal filters. I get DMs from kids saying that my hair looks stupid and they hope I choke on my toothpick, ha ha. To actually manifest that into a direct message to me is shocking.  I mean if I think about it and apply it to my life, I get pissed off at football plays all of the time. I’ve never had the desire or nerve to send Jerry Jones an email complaining about how the Cowboys are playing. Unfortunately today everything is at your fingertips and people capitalize on that to use it in ways that aren’t positive.

Wow, again great thoughts!  What about the positives of social media making communication possible for everyone?  You’ve got to be thankful for that in some way right?  I used social media to contact you for this interview!  I mean, there are positives!

Oh for sure.  And I need to stress that this is all just my opinion.  I don’t expect everyone to agree with me.  I do get to interact on a personal level with fans which is awesome.  But, again it’s very much a double edged sword. It does help with getting to encourage guys to keep at skating, and hearing that they’re hyped on me, but then again I get the offensive stuff and it’s still surprising that people feel like they’re entitled to say that stuff.  I try to keep things positive as much as I can.

What do you think needs to happen in skateboarding to get skaters to band together and become one again?  And maybe start creating more of a positive vibe in the industry?

It mostly comes down to the mentality of the youth like I’ve said before. Society has taught us to become self absorbed and fend for ourselves and a lot of people feel like it’s their privilege to say negative things.  I feel like I’m being so negative.  I mean again, these are just my opinions, and I recognize that not everyone is divided.  In reality, you can find an asshole anywhere, some of them just happen to ride skateboards.  It really just goes down to a personal level- you have to be a person who is motivated to get along. We all want to progress and have fun and in order to do that, we have to stay positive and encourage each other.

Wow, again, thanks so much for being open and willing to share your opinions Cody.  It’s cool to see a guy who has some solid honest opinions.

Make sure you stay tuned to United to catch the second part of our interview with Cody!  He’ll be catching us up on SLS, Dew Tour, and what the reinvention of DVS looks like.



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