The Credo of Cody Mac, Toothpick God Pt. 2

Cody has opinions, but what sets his apart from many others, is that he can back them up with legit supporting details.  It almost makes you believe that everything the guy speaks is fact.  On a ballot in which we’re voting for who could possibly make America Skate again, I may fill the bubble next to Cody’s name.  In the second part of the interview, we learn some about his Street League performances, DVS, and how he keeps himself stoked.

Talk about Street League. Do you have a stop that you were the most happy about?

I think the one that I enjoyed the most is Barcelona. I performed well there, I skated the way I wanted to.  I don’t care about placement I  just want to finish knowing I did the best with my abilities. It’s a great connection to my fans there because they get to sit so close in that stadium.  I think it’s so cool that the park isn’t torn down afterwards either, the kids get to go skate that same park we get to. A permanent park is always going to skate better than the area spots that we travel to on Street League, so I really like that about Barcelona too. I had a good time there.

Did skating Super Crown for the second time  calm your nerves at all? Can you talk about your Super Crown experience the second time around?

This year I put more stress and pressure on myself.  I didn’t expect to get into Super Crown, it was icing on the cake. This year I knew more about the contest and how I needed to perform, and I knew a little bit more about what to expect. I had a better understanding of what to do… I’m always going to be super critical  of myself so all of that together in my head made it a little harder for me this year.


“Crazy to think how much my entire life has been impacted by a wooden toy.”

photo via @codymcentire IG

Do you plan a strategy or just go for it?

I always try to play to my strengths.  Street League is such a high level,  but in my mind you’re competing against yourself. It’s really a game of chance, you have somewhat of an idea of what you want to do on your run, but nothing’s for sure. Me personally, it depends on how I’m feeling, you never really know, you can have a plan but you never know what’s going to happen.   I try not to get too wound up in the mental part of it, if you do it will affect you physically. I really have to be in the moment. I don’t have a set routine, it’s more in the moment and spontaneous. That’s what’s cool about skateboarding.

We’re hearing a lot about DVS lately.  What does the “reinvention” of DVS look like?

They are working on changing up their branding quite a bit.  You’ll also see a few new pros, on the brand.  Walker Ryan just got on the team which we’re hyped about! You know, It’s cool to see the original brands like DVS, Osiris and Circa still around, I grew up wanting them so it’s a little more meaningful.


Switch Flip shifty from Cody’s T1000 Part  Photo via @mikendo

Any signature shoes we can look forward to seeing?!

In the next few months, I’m going to be coming out with a colorway but I’m not sure about more than that right now. I mean we’ve talked about it,  we’ve been throwing around ideas, but nothing for sure yet. The cool thing is that it’s pretty hands on, especially when you’re making your own shoes.  Of course you have to do whats lucrative and you’ve  gotta keep up with the trends.  But ultimately you want it to be a shoe they can skate.

Thanks Cody!  Good luck with all of the new stuff going for you!

Yeah it’s exciting!  And thank you!



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