Jarne and Phil, Double Impact

Photo Credit-Guillaume Perimony

Mario and Luigi, Bert and Ernie, Spongebob and Patrick, Stewie and Brian, Van Damme and himself… Jarne and Phil. These two shredders from across the pond have officially made it on the list of most famous duos. Individually, these two dropped two of the most entertaining parts of the last six months.  Together, they created a masterpiece.  United got to check in with the dynamic duo and find out what we can be hyped to see from them next!

What are you guys currently up to?
P-I’m in France at the moment.  I’m trying to rest up from all the trips.
J-We’ve just been to Bryggeriets Skate School in Malmö, Sweden.  We talked with a class about our Double Impact video.  That was a pretty interesting experience.  I’m going to Barcelona in two days.
You guys have been travelling a lot lately!  What has been your favorite spot to skate that no one has skated before?  Is there a trick there that really sticks out in your mind?
P-Athens.  I really love to skate there. But I couldn’t really name one single spot there.
J-This one spot in Mechelen which is my hometown.  There are these two white rainbows. Phil and I both ollied into it from the roofs above them. This spot has been there for so long and nobody has ever skated it until Philly ollied into it.  Now we’ve done it together!  I’m very stoked with that.
Would you consider doing a part similar to the other’s?  Jarne would you do a part in full water the whole time (Waterproof)?  And Phil would you do a part that is extremely humorous and have you skating extremely unconventional street spots (Never Skatebored)?
P- Yeah, I would love to try a part like Jarne’s Skatebored. I’m just not funny like Jarne so it would be hard to make it work.
How can you be friends with Jarne and not be funny?!  How long have you guys been friends?
P-  We balance each other.  I have a lot of ideas and I think working with Jarne makes the ideas just always kind of work out.  We do well together.
 We met probably like ten years ago at a skatepark that was close to both of our houses.  He’s always been really small, we was then too.
Photo Credit-Guillaume Perimony
What about you Jarne?!  Would you do a part similar to Phil’s Waterproof?  
J-I wouldn’t do a part in the rain.  There is a reason nobody else has ever done that.  Phil has a lot of charisma, he will fight through anything to succeed.  I don’t think a lot of people would ever try to do such a thing.
And what about serious Phil?  Is that hard for you to deal with?!
J-Phil has a lot of positive energy around him though.  You can’t get bummed out if you’re skating with him, even if he is more serious than I am!
What made you decide to collaborate on “Double Impact” together?  What was the process of coming up with the two person tricks?
P-I was always thinking of doing a project together with someone, but not just a double part.  I was thinking of a part where we were both skating together.  Since I’d known Jarne for many years it was just perfect to do it with him. We both know what the other can do.
After talking to Jarne and Guillaume (the filmer) we ended up having a lot of ideas for the video. Guillaume is the king of double skating ideas. A lot of tricks also came from just going to spots and messing around with tricks.
J-Phil came up with the idea to film a part together which included switching the camera and boards and stuff like that, something new that hadn’t been done before, like his Waterproof part.
We didn’t have concrete plans for tricks until we started filming. Guillaume (the filmer) had a notebook with a lot of good ideas.  We worked out some of those tricks and then some just came when we saw the spot and tried out the possibilities that we were seeing at those spots.
Photo Via Thrasher “Double Impact”
Were there any parts of filming for that video that were frustrating?  Or did you guys literally just have fun?!  
P- There were a lot of fun times but skating was frustrating as well.  When you’re skating alone and slam you’re scared that you can’t do the trick.  So doing this project with both of us needing to land a trick, it took a lot of patience and time. In the end, it worked out great. Looking back on the process and being frustrated, makes me think that it was all worth it.
J- There were loads of frustrations for me.   That’s normal when you try to film any skateboarding part though.  The thing that made this project more frustrating was that if you landed a trick and the other guy didn’t, you actually didn’t have any useful footage.  We had to be very cooperative and make sure not to be selfish. The experience was very different so that made it pretty fun.
What about the olympics?  Would you rep your country in 2020? 
P-Not sure. I really think it’s hard to judge skating.  I would want to know how they would judge it first of all, and then maybe I’d decide.
J-It would be an honor in one way to rep your country, but on the other hand I think it would ruin all of your image and damage your soul (laughing).  Maybe in 4 years I won’t care about that part of it, but right now, I couldn’t say that I’d do it.
At the 2016 Olympics, there were 450,000 condoms provided to the athletes. Obviously there’s some crazy shit going on in the Olympic Village!  What crazy shit do you see yourself getting into if you participated in the Olympics?!
P-I have a girlfriend.
J-I would maybe take a shit on the course.  Maybe I would skate my run really drunk. I’d smoke 3 cigarettes in 1 minute too, just to impress people (laughing). I’d for sure try to hook up with the gymnast girls.
Photo Credit- Nicolas Schneider
Will you both be in the new Jacky 2.0 video?  
P-Yeah we are both in it. All the rest is super top secret.  The video will be out sooner than later!
J- Yeah! We were in Ibiza recently and it  was great.  There were so many spots. We honestly didn’t expect to find so many spots. We skated one of the biggest discotheques in Ibiza. The roof of the building had banks! We skated it for 15 minutes and then got kicked out by angry beach boys. It feels great to have skated that spot though.
I can’t wait for it to come out! Thanks for disclosing some of the secrets Jarne (laughing) . You guys go for sure!  Always hyped on Jarne and Phil footage!
Lets finish up with a few quick fire questions.
P-Yeah, you have good questions that make me think.
J-Yeah, good questions!
If you had to pick one movie title to describe your last fart, what would it be?
P-Long End
J-Inhale and Die
Drink of choice?
Favorite skate moment in history?
P-Too many to name.
J- That’s a tough one. Maybe when I won my first contest. I couldn’t believe that I’d won. When I came home my mother didn’t believe me.  For the first half hour after I’d said I’d won she thought I was joking.  When I proved to her that I had won and she believed me she was really proud! That made me even happier (laughing).
Do you love big booty?
P- What? Um. I don’t know.
J-Most important piece of woman body.  It can’t be too big, but has to have a presence for sure (laughing).
Photo via Thrasher “Never Skatebored”
Thanks so much for the time you guys!  Good luck finishing up Jacky 2.0 and thanks for all of the amazing footage you two are continuing to drop!  You have a fan in me!
J- Yeah!  Thanks!  Those were funny questions.



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