Skatebored? Let us help.

Happy New Year chumps! Here at United we want to say a big thank you for all of your support and visits to the site in the last year. We are so stoked on the number of views and visits we’ve had!

We hope that whoever you believe in put a new set up under whatever you decorate to celebrate-tree, aluminum pole, or menorah. Merry Christmas, Happy Festivus, Happy Hanukkah.

If you’ve got some holiday money burning a hole in your pocket and you didn’t get a new set up, we thought we’d help you spend it by bringing some rad board companies to your attention. Each week for the next month or so we are going to fill you in on one or two companies we’re hyped on and think you should support!

Our first post is going to fill you in on two board brands- Ambition Snowskates and Manny Santiago’s new project, Fortune.

After chatting with Manny for a bit, this is what we can tell you about Fortune-

When Manny left AMMO he really didn’t have a backup plan; it was just something he needed to do for himself. After rumors ran about Manny joining the Primitive team and that never happening, we were left in limbo until the time felt right for Manny to announce that he had decided to collaborate with Brett Conti and his Fortune NY brand. With that, Fortune Skate was born.


The two boards that the brand introduced strayed from Manny’s signature red theme. You can get Manny’s “Harambe” board or the Ocean Green Camo board on the brands website.  Boards are available in multiple sizes, and while you’re there make sure you drop some of that holiday cash on the full kit. Hats, hoodies, and socks are available for you to rep as well.

You can check the site’s blog and team pages to get more about the team. Right now Manny and Santiago Rodriguez are the team’s two skate rats intending to spread positive vibes and do skate shit with their skate friends.

If you’re not lucky enough to live in the land of sun and beaches, street skating year round isn’t possible. Welcome to Midwest winters, where outdoor skateboarding comes to die; unless, you treat yourself to an Ambition Snowskate board.

Can you name a team of skaters who have released a quality video once a year for the last eight years? I can-Ambition, go check out their website to watch.


The owner of Ambition, Alex Blais was kind enough to fill United in on what’s up with the brand.

Ambition has been around for 12 years now. There are others in the market, but not that skate as well and last as long as Ambition. Depending on your budget, there is a board for you. You can start out with a team model or drop it all on a pro model. The size, shape, and grip tape all vary on the board you’re purchasing and can be customized to the style of snow skating you want to accomplish.  If you wanna keep doing flip tricks in the snow, a smaller size is better.  If you want to cruise, a wider board is what you want.

Building speed and balance are the two adjustments that guys have to make when transitioning from a regular skateboard to a snowskate board. The team riders can rip on either, and have sponsors in both industries. If you want to cop one, check the brand’s site, or your local shop, they’re being carried all over the places who are screwed by snow.

Know of a rad board brand that you’d love to be featured on the site?!  Hit me up at  I’d love to hear your ideas and do my best to get the word out about the brands you’re backin!

All photos featured on the post are from the brands’ IG accountsFortune Skate and Ambition Snowskates


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