Skatebored-Volume 2

Illustration via Michael C. Hsiung

We’ve been back to work, and back to school for over two weeks now.  You either have new money to spend, or that holiday money is still burning a hole in your pocket.  We’ve got a board manufacturer and a brand that are currently killing it to feature today!

There is no denying that females are making a place for themselves in the industry.  We’ve gotten to watch a full length all girls video-Quit Your Day Job, seen amazing women’s runs at SLS and the X Games, and are even seeing female parts being dropped on The Berrics.


The board brand backing and keeping a lot of those girls going is MEOW.  MEOW currently has a team of 11 girls, and offers pro boards for Vanessa Torres, Lacey Baker, Mariah Duran and Amy Caron.  Six of the eight girls featured in Quit Your Day Job are MEOW riders as well.


Photos via

Owner Lisa Whitaker started the company in 2012 and has been making plays since. Amazing graphics, popular shapes, and high quality PS Stix wood are making the boards appealing to all audiences.  Guys are picking up MEOW boards at their local shops as well.   Meow is distributed through AWH Distribution and now can be found at many local shops as well as online. Make sure you check out their website to pick up decks, 5 panels, ts, and a copy of Quit Your Day Job.

I always love supporting where I come from and promoting skating in Minnesota.  We all know a lot of board brands, but do you know much about the manufacturing process behind the brands?  Edica Mfg. is an up and coming manufacturer that values quality and local materials set in Burnsville, Minnesota.

Edica owner, Jay Kleven has been skating since he was nine.  After an injury that has never really healed correctly, Jay explored other ways to keep his passion for skating going.  The amount of work, research, time and money Jay has put into board manufacturing is unfathomable.  Now after a few years of collaborating with others in the manufacturing area of the industry, Jay has started his own MN based manufacturing company and his hard work is paying off.


Photo via Instragram

Edica is now manufacturing boards for an in house brand-PLS, another Minnesota board brand Obsolete Skateboards and building on their list of clients!

Have friends thinking about starting a board brand or know of a brand who’s wanting to have their boards manufactured with the highest quality USA sourced products? Hit up the Edica website.  Edica is a grassroots MN company that has the newest board manufacturing technology as well as heat transfer graphics to meet your needs.

Got a local or up and coming board brand you’d love to be featured on the site?! Shoot me an email or tag me in an IG post! How about a hand drawn skate pic?!  Let me know if you want your work shown as a featured image on our Skatebored piece!! angiekshanley@gmail. com or IG-angiekshanley




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