Sinner: A Rare Breed 

Cover photo via Nathan Groff


Drop a Chicago kid in the middle of LA, watch the hijinx ensue as he makes the city his bitch, and what do you get? Sinner.
From parting with Nyjah, to his new bandana brand and recent changes to the Life Extension roster, everyone’s favorite raver takes time out to catch us up on everything. Enjoy!


A lot of people outside of Illinois don’t know you’re from here! Where did you grow up, and when did you leave for Cali?

Yeah, man. Grew up in LaGrange about a half hour west of the city. Love Chicago, B! Super proud to have grown up out there. Great people, delicious food, sick skate spots, just all around dope vibes… I moved out to Huntington beach, CA in January of 2004 because my mother took a job nursing out here. I guess she was fed up with all those cold winters haha

Another dude to come out of Chicago is Neen Williams. Kind of crazy how you two ended up both riding for Shake Junt. Did you two know each other back in Chicago?

Yeah, Neen and I actually grew up skating together since like 6th grade. I owe a lot to that man. He pushed me to be the best I could be and we’ve always looked out for each other. He got me on Affiliate back in the day then I kinda linked him up with those Shake Junt homies when he finally moved out here from the Chi. We practically filmed our whole parts for Chicken Bone together while sleeping on Nick Trapasso’s couch/floor. Good times… S/o Trap Daddy, we appreciate you, B!

Congrats on the new bandanna brand! We finally got a look at one of them.Talk about a company and its owner COMPLETELY making sense. How did the brand come to be and when is the official launch?

I’m super excited about it! So here’s how it came about. I’ve been collecting these things since we started LE about 5 years ago and it had been something I’d had in the back of my mind for awhile but it finally just hit me one day. None of these bandannas I own have any sort of branding, whatsoever. Like, if you asked me what company made one of the fifty bandannas I own, I literally wouldn’t be able to give you a straight answer. All of them are just some corny ass bandannas from some truck stop with no packaging or anything. Most of the time they’re just standard issue paisley print, whatever.
My idea is come up with a bandanna brand that people can identify with and want to be a part of. Not just something with no meaning behind it. So I guess it’s a full blown logo driven company but on the bright side, it’ll be one of the only logo driven companies (that I know of) in that market. I decided to call it B bandannas and the logo is just a capital B with an exclamation point, B! They’ll be available some time next month. If anyone is interested in grabbing some, slide up in one of my DM’s… @bandana_b or @b_bandanas, B!

I know you’re a fan of hers, and she’s known for rocking the bandanas. Are you going to reach out to Leticia Bufoni to ride for your company?

To be completely honest man, I don’t think I’m taking much of a “Team Approach” to the bandana brand but if there was a skater I’d want to be on, she’d be my first pick, fasho. I mean, it’s not necessarily because I don’t want to take that approach. It’s mostly just cause sadly, not a lot of skaters wear bandanas, B! We’re a rare breed so any time I see another skater rockin a bandana, I get all giddy and start wildin out. “Bandana Fam!!” That’s what I call my fellow bandana enthusiasts…

Speaking of companies you have a stake in, I noticed there were a few names missing on the LE team page and I saw Zero post a photo of a Lil Fucky deck. Care to speak on it a little?

Yeah, Jamie Tancowny quit on me then Tony Tave just kinda naturally happened. Let’s just say he quit too. I’m not really sweating it too hard though because pro boards just aren’t selling like they used to, mine included. There’s just so many of us out there, if you’re not killin it on IG every day, kids don’t know who you are. They’re just gonna go buy the Chris Joslin board cause that’s who’s up in their face all the time. Luckily for LE though, Neen designed a super catchy logo so the logo boards always GO!! In regards to Jamie getting back on Zero, who knows? I know Jamie Thomas has been selling Marisa pro models and she’s not necessarily on his team. Same goes with Forest Edwards. I’m not entirely sure what kinda program Chief’s got goin on over there but I respect that he’s keeping the dream alive for some of these other pros out there. That’s all I ever wanted to do with LE. Just keep my homies’ names on boards and make sure they have decks to ride…

Okay away from business stuff. Let’s talk leisure. It’s no secret you’re good friends with Nyjah Huston. Give me a no bullshit, straight up summary of what one of his parties are like. I have to know haha

Ok, first and foremost I just wanna start by saying Nyjah Huston is a straight G, B! Anyone who has something bad to say about him can jump off a building. As for his parties, some of the best ones I’ve ever been to. It’s just buckness as soon as you walk in the door. Homies pouring vodka down your throat, body shots off titties, dubstep on blast, cheeks dancin all over the place. It’s a fuckin Turn Up, B! Good times…

It’s pretty clear at this point you’re all about the rave lifestyle and the EDM music that accompanies it. Give me your best rave story! What is your favorite festival?

I love raving! Best rave story just so happens to be at my favorite one, EDC. Drove out there with Nyjah and a bunch of homies in June of last year and I’m pretty sure it was the first night. Got way too fuct up and wound up passing out in a Port-a-Potti for a couple hours. The heat just got to me, I went in there to go to the bathroom and just decided to knock out for a couple. When I came back to life, somehow managed to run into this chick I knew because I’d lost everyone and I just raved with her for the rest of the night. S/o Kimia. Good looking out, girl!!

Do you have one you frequently attend? How’s Lollapolooza in comparison?

I mean, I try to go to all the ones that are at least semi local, but we wanted to start traveling more. Never been to Lolla but there’s been talk of goin this summer. We’ll have to link up if I do, B! Get hectic…

I saw you post the “MAKE MUSKA SKATE AGAIN” picture. I know you’re a big fan of his. What do you think of Ghetto Child making their comeback?

Muska’s been a huge inspiration to me ever since I was a kid. That dude just embodies everything you wanna be as a human. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the guy bummed. As evil as it sounds, I wanna see him bummed out. It’s probably so funny. Even when he’s bummed, you know he’s still hyped af!! It’s impossible for The Muska not to be psyched. As far as Ghetto Child goes, it’s always cool to see old companies get resurrected but it’s not gonna be the same Ghetto Child I grew up on til Sheffey quits Rat Bones and gets back on the team, lol. S/o Tuan Digglz. Better make that happen soon, B! Tuan is my boy who’s the TM, Filmer and Cofounder of Ghetto Child. He directed Guilty. Remember that video?? LEgend… Anyways, I’ve been telling him to bring Chad out skating and I think he’s down, only if we hit some handrails though… Jk but seriously, I’m gonna grind a big ass rail in my next part for Muska.

What do fans of Bandana B have to look forward to in 2017?

First would be the bandana brand, B! Also, LE’s gonna be coming out with our second video called “Hectik”. Trapasso and I are trying a different approach to this project because we’re currently a little bored with the norm. Not sure if it’s gonna be as crazy, or crazier than Theatrix but, it should be interesting to try some new stuff. Our dream is for it to be a skate/music video hybrid and to have my good friend, Borgore make a song called Hectik specifically for this particular project. I just think music videos are the shit but whenever there’s skating involved, its like some kook pushing mongo down the street or something jact like that. Why haven’t there ever been hammers, ya know? So we’ll see how that goes. Hopefully, we’ll be able to pull something off without it being corny but I’m confident in our vision.
Also, Street League reached out to me about doin some stuff with them this year, but wouldn’t give me any details. I’d love to get involved with that, totally have the personality for it. Hopefully, it’s something dope and still goes down but, wouldn’t be surprised if it fell through. Could you imagine how hijinx it would be if they had someone like me up there announcing the event? Fucking comedy…


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