Skate Bored? It’s All Good.

Photo via Dallas Clayton

I had about four brands to choose from this week.  When it came down to my decision on which to choose, I had to go with these two.  Why?  Look at the news on your TV, look at your computer screen, look at the newspaper headlines at the newsstand.  We need some good stuff to look at this week.

I’ve talked to quite a few of lovers of skateboarding.  While they are all very diverse in their beliefs on the state of the industry, they all want what’s good for it and the future of it.  For many people who do it, it’s more than just pushing around on a piece of wood, metal and urethane.  It’s a safe place, a comfortable place, a peaceful place of self expression.  So my goal with today’s piece is to feature two brands who appear to have very different vibes, but when it comes down to it, they want what’s good.


Last Thursday I got to catch up with Tommy Di Maria-part owner, and creator of GOOD Skateboards.  Close to two years ago, Tommy and Tosh Townend had a very formal 15 minute meeting in Tommy’s living room where they both decided they were done fucking around with jobs that took 100% of their time.  They made the decision to become their own bosses, and start GOOD Skateboards- and then Tosh’s break was over, so he had to return to his crappy job.   But now, they’re really doing it.

GOOD currently has four series’ of skateboard graphics for you to choose from.  The latest to drop are their GOOD Movies graphics that feature movie characters we all aspire to be-Cheech and Chong, Richard and Tommy, Happy and Chubbs, to name a few.  GOOD also pedals boards that get back to their roots with simple logo graphics and colored veneers and an artist series that features art by Vincenzo Colonna.


Quality is greater than trendiness in the business model that GOOD is built on.  When purchasing a GOOD deck from their website or local shops around the states, you can rest assured knowing you’re purchasing a 100% made in the USA board.  GOOD offers boards made of Canadian maple, ranging in size from 7.75 to a few random 9s.

If you’re still not sold on the idea of riding a GOOD board, you need to check out the Instagram accounts @andreausoptich , @brent_strittmater, @anthonyalvero, and @the_battery .  Purchasing a GOOD deck will forsure make you as good of a skater at they are.

Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 4.55.59 PM.png

Finesse is a brand that’s been around skating for quite a while.  With its roots stemming from San Diego, it’s undeniable that the brand has some good stuff to offer.  100% skater owned and independently operated, Finesse hooks up Neal Mims, Christian Flores-yeah, that shoe guy from Ride Channel, and Cordano Russell with boards.  There are more names on that list, and Finesse is looking to add more soon.

If you were born in the late 80’s or early 90’s your appreciation of Finesse’s graphics may be a little stronger, if not, they’re still sick.  Street Fighter and Voltron bless the bottom of boards made with the same wood as Primitive, Baker, and DLX boards.  Finesse offers multiple board sizes as well, ranging from Tech Deck to 8.3.  Yes, you can finger board on Finesse.

Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 4.58.24 PM.png

Finesse as a brand values the fact that skateboarding is a brotherhood, a creative outlet, and a growth opportunity for all who are involved.  The belief of God’s blessings and plans for all of us is what keeps the company moving forward.  Pick up a Finesse board at skate shops all over the globe, your local Zumiez (opinions not solicited) or on their site.

Hey goons, don’t forget to hit me up with brands or companies you’d love to see featured!  Email or shoot me a DM on IG @angkiekshanley.  Give me a follow while you’re there too.  Also, still looking for that amazing skate art that we can use as a feature image for the piece!  Let me know if you’ve got something you’re dying to share!  Have a great week guys!  L8rsk8rs 🙂




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