Stephen Lawyer “Recruited” by The Berrics. 

Sk8mafia AM, and quite possibly the king of “instagram skaters”, Stephen Lawyer recently dropped a “Recruit” segment on The Berrics that definitely has people talking. 

On one side of the fence, there’s the arguement that he’s “too trendy” and that “those type of tricks” aren’t real tricks because they’re not applied to the streets. On the other side of the spectrum lies the idea that what he’s doing is a symbol of the new generation of skaters pushing the limits and essentially changing the game. 

While it’s impossible to ignore the difficulty of what’s going down amongst the sex changes and leg crosses, the more traditional tricks in the edit seem to stand out. 

Wherever your opinion lies on the body varial trend, this edit absolutely deserves a view. 

To watch Stephen’s Recruit for yourself, click HERE


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