Daniel Espinoza Teases New Board Brand

Since the fall of Cliche nearly two years ago, the team’s former members were forced to find a new home. Lucas Puig joined Palace Skateboards. Andrew Brophy went over to Girl, and so on.

While most were expecting Daniel Espinoza to join Joey Brezinksi over at his new company, Visual Skateboards, it seems Daniel has decided to do his own thing. 

While University Skateboards hasn’t had their official introduction just yet, Espinoza is definitely building the hype by constantly showing off his boards on his Instagram stories and we should expect an official launch soon.

The brand also recently posted a video on their Instagram story of Plan B Am Trevor McClung, leading to some speculation that he may join Espinoza at University Skateboards. 

Only time will tell who’s going to be on the official team. Stay tuned to United for any updates.

Take a look at the brand for yourself HERE.


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