Karl Watson’s New Brand, Maxallure Skateboards

img_4777With the demise of Kayo Corp’s Organika Skateboards nearly three years ago, comes a new board brand, Maxallure Skateboards.

Maxallure was founded by EMB Crew alumni Karl Watson and Nick Lockman. The team consists of Karl as the team’s only pro, as well as up and comers Lil Dre, De Marquis McDaniels, Marcello Campanello, and Jonathan Perez.

While Karl Watson is pretty much a household name to a majority of skaters, Nick Lockman, has been the Brand Manager at DGK for the past few years and hopes to bring an original feeling to the brand.

“We are excited to announce Maxallure Skateboards. Our mission is to bring together our years of passion, perseverance and love of Skateboarding to create something truly unique. This brand is a platform for young talented individuals to continue the legacy. It’s a family affair.” – Karl Watson

Take a look at the Maxallure’s website HERE

Product will begin hitting skate shops on March 5.


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