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Stephen Lawyer “Recruited” by The Berrics. 

Sk8mafia AM, and quite possibly the king of “instagram skaters”, Stephen Lawyer recently dropped a “Recruit” segment on The Berrics that definitely has people talking.  On one side of the fence, there’s the arguement that he’s “too trendy” and that “those type of tricks” aren’t real tricks because they’re not applied to the streets. On […]

Product Checkout: Trabajando Skateboarding 

In the spotlight this week, is the Chicago-based clothing and lifestyle brand, Trabajando Skateboarding. While in college back in 2012, Chicago based skateboarder/filmer Corey Henderson took an opportunity to study abroad in Barcelona and never looked back. His recently launched clothing brand, Trabjando Skateboarding, takes direct influence from the skate culture of Barcelona, Spain. After […]

Andrew Brophy Rides For Girl Skateboards 

Cover photo via ——————————- Since the fall of Cliche Skateboards late last year, pro skater Andrew Brophy has been noticeably sporting Girl Skateboards stickers on his boards ever since. Now, courtesy of the “nice people” over on the SLAP message board, we’ve finally gotten a look at his first board for the brand.  Since […]

Bobby De Keyzer PRO for Habitat Skateboards

Cover photo via The Boardr —————————— One of the biggest “How is THIS guy not pro?” canundrums has finally been answered. Bobby De Keyzer has officially joined the pro ranks! Bobby’s shop sponsor, Canada’s Blue Tile Lounge posted a photo of his pro graphic on their Instagram story letting the cat out of the bag.  […]